VIVO \ Promotional Campaign
Art Direction & Design: Camila Murari
Copywriting: Alex Miranda
Agency: NBSETE
Vivo is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Brazil.
CHALLENGE. To create a sales campaign design in which the Vivo sales team had specific targets to meet by promoting and selling Samsung products. The best performers would receive a coveted trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile.
SOLUTION. To kick off the campaign, I came up with a captivating key visual that featured Vivo's mascot traveling through the desert. The mascot effectively represented Vivo's brand identity while also creating a sense of adventure and excitement. This visual was then incorporated into other campaign pieces, including printing materials such as a map of the Atacama Desert with the campaign rules, and a series of emails marketing. In addition to the visual identity, I was also involved in the creative brainstorming sessions, where I contributed to developing the campaign mechanics and copywriting. 
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