​​​​​​​BEAN BOX \ Rebranding
Art Direction & Design: Camila Murari
Photography: Renata Ottoni
CHALLENGE. Bean Box is a small coffee shop located in San Diego, California. Despite being in operation for over a decade, the establishment's visual identity did not show its unique personality.
SOLUTION. I provided this small business a full branding consulting. Through surveys conducted with customers, employees, and the CEO, I gained a deep understanding of the current brand image and developed a fresh brand identity, encompassing its Positioning, Promise, Purpose, and Attributes.
Leveraging this new perspective, I crafted a dynamic, minimalist logo and branding package.The new logo is dynamic, cute, and minimalist - all concepts derived from the surveys. 
The circular shape present in the typography and all design elements represents the sense of community and unity evident in its regular clientele, which considers this small coffee shop and staff as family. The new color scheme brings a sense of warmth, sociability, agility, and trust to the brand, reinforcing the shop's cozy atmosphere and its commitment to excellent service.​​​​​​​
Social Media
As an art director and designer, my role in the Bean Box coffee shop Instagram account involves meeting with the client to understand the audience's needs and engagement profile. I am responsible for generating ideas and inspiration for the account's photos and posts. During each photo shoot, I art direct the photographer to ensure that the brand's visual identity is meticulously followed in every detail, including the colors of objects, the style of the photos, and editing. This attention to detail guarantees that the Instagram account reflects the brand's identity and resonates with its audience.​​​​​​​
Other pieces
I have redesigned seasonal store posters, loyalty cards, business cards, gift cards and holders, stickers, uniforms, merchandising, and packaging. Furthermore, I took on the task of redesigning all the grab-and-go item labels to align with the new visual identity. This comprehensive approach ensures that the brand's image is cohesive across various platforms and touchpoints, enhancing its recognition and impact. 
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