MAXHAUS \ Interactive AD
Art Direction: Camila Murari
Copywriting: Joao Fernandes
Creative Director: Paulinho Moreira
Agency: NBSETE
MaxHaus is a revolutionary concept in the Brazilian real estate market, offering open architecture and engineering for easy customization of living spaces. The apartment's plumbing, electrical system, and windows are designed to accommodate personalization, enabling residents to create a living space tailored to their unique needs and lifestyle. This flexibility is made possible through the concept of "ArquiteturaAberta," or open architecture, providing a blank canvas for residents to fill with their individual needs and preferences.
CHALLENGE. The challenge was to promote the open architecture concept by MaxHaus on furniture and home decor retail, such as Tok&
SOLUTION. When users search for a room category on the Tok&Stok homepage, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, the name of the room starts to scramble, creating a playful and interactive experience. An interactive ad for MaxHaus is then displayed, featuring the text "This is open architecture. No walls, so you can invent your way of living" and ending with the tagline "MaxHaus, live in your time". This approach aims to capture users' attention and promote the MaxHaus concept in an engaging and creative way.
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