LA WAVE \ Brand Design
Art Direction & Design: Camila Murari
On November 2022, I launched my personal project 'La Wave Creative' - a Design Collective that is dedicated to helping Latino-owned businesses succeed and grow in the U.S. La Wave offers a range of services, including branding, design, and operates on the principles of Design, Business, and Learning, providing everything a small business needs in one place. 
While conceiving and designing this dynamic brand, my inspiration came from the vibrant colors and lively spirit that are synonymous with Latino culture. I wanted the brand to reflect this energy and happiness, so I chose a palette that was colorful and bold, including shades of orange, green, pink, and blue. Additionally, I incorporated circular shapes into the design, which form the letters: L-A-W-A-V-E. These circles represent the idea of unity and community, reflecting the collective nature of the project and its commitment to helping small businesses succeed. Overall, my goal was to create a brand identity that was both visually striking and meaningful, capturing the essence of what La Wave Creative stands for.
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Instagram: @lawavecreative.
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