BRADESCO SEGUROS \ Event Art Direction
Art Direction: Camila Murari
Planner: Luciana Freire
Creative Director: Mariana Imbernom
3D Design: Panda Design
Agency: TV1
Bradesco Seguros is one of the largest insurance companies in Brazil.Its annual event "Talento de Seguros" recognizes and celebrates the achievements and contributions of insurance brokers and agents nationally. The event features awards ceremonies, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and other activities designed to inspire and motivate.
CHALLENGE. To create a design concept for the Talento de Seguros event inspired by the Olympic Games that was occurring in Brazil in that year, 2016. The design needed to incorporate the spirit of the Olympics while also reflecting the values and mission of Bradesco Seguros.
SOLUTION. Directed at insurance brokers, the event showcased the journey of a champion insurance broker in action, preparing, overcoming challenges, and celebrating success. The design solution successfully achieved this by incorporating key elements such as Olympic-style podiums for awards, incorporating the Olympic rings into the design, and creating graphics and visuals that reflected the journey of a champion. 
The development of the key visual and other artworks was based on the concept of the finish line, achievement, organicity, movement, and the journey of a champion. The finish line represented the achievement of success, while organicity and movement reflected the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the insurance industry. The key visual incorporated these elements, using bold typography, organic shapes, and dynamic lines to create a sense of movement and energy.
As art director, my role was critical in guiding not only the overall design concept but also all visual elements, materials, tone of voice, design direction, and architecture direction. Additionally, my expertise in design and creativity allowed me to come up with ideas and inspiration for artistic performances and the event script.
The visual identity was successfully integrated into all aspects of the event, including the scenography, lighting, artistic performances, and ballets. The finish line concept was incorporated into the stage design, with two LED panels and a prominent podium serving as a focal point. The organic shapes and movement in the visual identity were reflected in the choreography of the ballet performances, creating a seamless integration of design and performance. Lighting was also an integral part of the design, with a dynamic color scheme that reflected the energy and excitement of the event. 
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