Bradesco Seguros
Event Design
Rio de Janeiro, 2016

In 2016, Brazil played host to the Olympic Games, and during the Olympic Torch Tour in Rio de Janeiro, the torch passed through the Bradesco Seguros headquarters. As the largest insurance company in Brazil and Latin America, Bradesco Seguros was eager to make a memorable impression at the event.

As an Art Director and part of the project team, I was responsible for designing the visual concept of the event, as well as brainstorming ideas for scenery, attractions, and artistic performances. With 3,500 participants in attendance, including Bradesco Seguros directors, athletes, celebrities, employees, and their families, my role in this project was to create a visual identity that was both dynamic and memorable.

To achieve this, I had to adhere to the Olympic brand guidelines of Bradesco Seguros while also infusing the event with unique branding elements. Once the visual identity was established, I created a range of event materials, including advertising and event scenery, that were consistent with the overall aesthetic.

As a result of my contributions, Bradesco Seguros was able to make a lasting impression on attendees and showcase its Olympic brand identity both visually stunning and cohesive in its branding.

AD: Cami Murari
Planner: Soraia Tetamanti
Scenery: Panda Design
AG: TV1 Experience